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The “UNIS” LLT company have been working on the trucking market since 2002. Since the foundation, the company carried out transportation between countries of Western Europe and the CIS countries, but every year we mastered the new directions and kinds of transportations. The geography of our freight forwarding services includes all regions of Ukraine and other CIS countries, the regions of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic States; we can deliver cargoes to Iran, India, China and other distant countries of Asia.

One of the main, but not the only activity area of our company is motor transportations. Road transportation is the fastest and most effective means of carrying various kinds of goods, because its price is much lower than air transportation, while the delivery rate is much better than rail transportation.
 Moreover, without the possibility of using road transport, logistical planning of combined transportation is impossible.


The “Unis” LLT company provides the following range of freight forwarding services in the organization of cargo transportation:

  • Transportation of export-import cargoes within loading range (up to 20t, 120 m3) to the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic States, CIS and Asia by means of all kinds of road transport (tent, refrigerator, isotherms, tanker, etc.) with the preparation of a full package of documents, including waybill, CMR, TIR-carnet, CEMT.
  • Delivery of oversized and heavy cargo (from 20 to 100 tons): combines, tractors, excavators, steel structures, industrial machines and other non-standard cargoes. Route development and coordination, licensing for oversized cargo road transportation (across Ukraine, CIS, Europe), security escorts, control at all stages.
  • Dangerous cargoes (ADR) transportations of all classes.
  • Small shipments of freight delivery (general cargo) from anywhere in Europe, the Baltic, the CIS, Scandinavia, using both road and air transport. Shipment of freight consolidation in our partners’ warehouses in Germany, Italy, the Baltic States and other countries.
  • Domestic cargo transportations across Ukraine under the custom control from seaports (Illichivsk, Odesa and others), airports (Boryspil, Dnipro and others).
  • Based on long-term partnerships, we provide additional cargo insurance in stable insurance companies of Ukraine on favorable terms for the client.
  • Consultations and assistance in any issue related to international motor transportation.


Specialized software allows in several hours to make complete processing of an application with rate and additional expenses calculation and continue real time tracking of the entire path of Your cargo movement.

You don’t need to call around several people to find out your cargo status. In our company You get a personal manager who will always be ready to provide real time information about your cargo movement and arrival time to the end point.

Cargo transportation is the main activity of our company. Doing our work we act by rules of fair and transparent business. Our task is to move your cargo to the unloading point in a minimum possible time in the safest and the most profitable way for all transportation participants. Besides, with a decade of experience and a huge number of clients in the cargo transportation field in different regions of Ukraine and the world, we try we try to keep our service prices acceptable to everyone whilst maintaining a superior quality of service.

The dynamic development of trade between different countries was the main cause of international cargo transportation, which have become an integral part of the trading process. Of course, cargo transportation within the country or to other countries is associated with a lot of difficulties, in particular, the first question is confirming custom paper work, observing the rules of cargo transportation and other aspects of national legislations. In this regard, in order not to doubt the timely international cargo delivery of any kind, it’s necessary to find a great carrier who will bind himself to organize all transportation stages.

That’s what we do. Your “Unis” company.

Standard cargoes transportation

Standard are motor transportations, designed for cargoes transportation not exceeding the following dimensions:

  • width up to 2.45 m (8.03 ft.)
  • length 13.6 m (44.62 ft.)
  • height up to 3.1 m (10.17 ft.)
  • weight up to 24 tons (52911 lbs.)


Trucks differ in cargo capacity and are divided into the following classes:

  • extra small (0.3 -1.0 t) (660-2200 lbs.);
  • small (1.0 to 3.0 t) (2200-6600 lbs.);
  • medium (3.0-5.0 t) (6600-11000 lbs.);
  • large (5.0-8.0 t) (11000-17600 lbs.);
  • extra large (8.0 t or more) (17600 lbs. or more).


We have wide partnership connections with many companies engaged in the organization of cargo transportation: transport-forwarding companies, transport owners (from small truck fleets to large transport companies that are members of AIAC).

Due to such approach to cargo transportation, it becomes possible to carry out transportations by means of various kinds and modifications of transport, from Gazelle to Eurovan.  All vehicles meet the requirements of cargo transportations in Ukraine, CIS countries and the European Union. Along with the responsibility of our specialists it makes possible to reduce delivery time and minimize the cost of cargo transportation services.

Oversized cargo transportation

Organization of oversized, non-standard and super-heavy cargoes transportation is the most challenging and one of the most expensive kinds of carriage and the organizer requires the huge transportation experience, which our company has.

As a rule, most trucks are designed to transport cargoes up to 13.6 m (44.6 ft.) length, 2.45 m (8 ft.) width, 3.1 m (10.2 ft.) height and up to 24 tons (52910 lbs.) weight.  Cargoes exceeding these dimensions in one or more parameters are oversized.

Oversized cargo transportation is carried out using special low-bed platforms (type Tiefbet, Jumbo, telescopic) 0.35-1.0 m (1-3 ft.) height, meeting all technical requirements and equipped with all the necessary equipment to secure cargo.
Such transportation requires permits and approvals along the whole route, the pilot and police escorts.

Oversized cargoes are divided into:

  • oversized cargo is a cargo that is being loaded into the vehicle exceeds at least one of the parameters of clearance limits of the road transport vehicle, as set out in the regulatory documents.
  • long cargo is the cargo that is being loaded into the vehicle, hangs out from the tailgate for more than 2 meters (6 feet).
  • heavy-weight cargo is a cargo that is being loaded into the vehicle exceeds at least one of the parameters of mass limits of the road transport vehicle or its axial load, as set out in the regulatory documents.

International oversized cargo transportations require coordination  with the relevant foreign road services along the entire route, so we plan the route taking into account all road conditions. In some countries, depending on the size of carried cargo, support vehicle escort (police, road service, etc.) is required.

Close cooperation with reliable transport companies of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, the Baltic States, etc. allows us to carry almost any oversized cargo in any direction in fixed time.

General cargoes transportation

General cargoes transportation means the delivery of small stores (small amounts of cargoes) belonging to different owners, by means of using one vehicle. Managing this process is similar to the orchestra management.

The advantages of such delivery:

  • efficiency in the delivery of small stores;
  • significant cost cutting due to the optimization of the vehicle load.

How it happens: 
Small stores from different senders are united (consolidated) in specialized point in one general cargo, which is delivered on a certain route by one vehicle.

The expediency of the choice between ordering a separate vehicle, or using the general cargo transportation service is based on the calculation of the cargo weight, the urgency of delivery and the distance you need to carry out the delivery.

ADR cargoes transportation

Dangerous cargo motor transportations are carried out in accordance with all conditions of unsafe cargoes transportation by the EU ADR transport and in accordance with the temporary rules “of unsafe cargoes motor transportation” by Ministry of Transport.

Modern cargoes are divided into threat classes according to ADR classification:

  • Class 1 - explosive objects and materials;
  • Class 2 - dissolved under pressure, liquefied, compressed gases;
  • Class 3 - highly inflammable liquid;
  • Class 4.1 - highly inflammable solid materials;
  • Class 4.2 - hypergolic materials;
  • Class 4.3 - materials emitting flammable gases on contact with water;
  • Class 5.1 - oxidizing materials;
  • Class 5.2 - natural peroxides;
  • Class 6.1 - poisonous materials;
  • Class 6.2 - infected materials and derived animals secondary products;
  • Class 7 - radioactive products;
  • Class 8 - corrosive materials;

Class 9 - other dangerous materials.

Combined transportations

The combined cargo transportation is domestic and international cargo transportation by mixed transport when the cargo is carried to the destination point using two or more means of transport by virtue of single contract.

In combined transportations freight ligaments are used, which are carried out by different means of transport: road, rail, sea, air.

Such transportation requires clarity and coherence of all participants of this process.
 Only in this case it will be really reliable and effective, especially when the cargo is delivered from a distant country or another continent.

The most important thing is to make the right decision in planning the transport delivery scheme, meet deadlines and transportation conditions!

Cargo insurance

The safety of Your cargo is one of our additional service. In the complex of transport-logistics services, the company offers its customers cargo insurance services.

We cooperate only with reliable and reputable insurance companies, so our insurance conditions “against all risks”, are the most profitable and reliable solution for the most demanding customer. The following things are insured:

  • loading, reloading and unloading process;

  • the losses from damage or full destruction of all or part of the cargo, caused by any reason, including robbery, theft of all or part of the cargo;
  • losses, expenses and contributions in general accident;
  • all necessary and reasonable expenses to save the cargo, as well as to reduce the loss and adjust a claim, if the loss is compensated according to insurance terms;
  • We conclude an insurance contract for a single cargo transportation or general agreement covering all transportation burden carried out by the insurant during a certain period of time on agreed terms. 

What is cargo insurance against all risks?

The proposed terms of insurance ensure that your cargoes will be insured at all stages of cargo transportation: the loading into the vehicle, reload / storage in transit warehouse, delivery of the cargo to the customer. During transportation, the cargo is insured according to the cost specified by the supplier in the waybill. The cost of insurance varies depending on the means of transport, cost of cargo, route and some other factors.

At Your desire our company will insure Your cargo in the reliable insurance company which we are in long-term partnership with. Of course, You, as a cargo owner, can independently insure your cargo (precisely cargo, while the carrier insures his responsibility).
 But you should remembered that the insurance company will contact you to discuss only the price indicated in the accompanying documents. Everything beyond that, will be considered as financial risks and insured on higher rates.

What is the Liability insurance of freight forwarder?

Insurance covers the risk of occurrence associated with...

  • liability for the cargo accepted for shipment or forwarding and transported on any invoices in accordance with the legislative provision,
  • liability for the financial losses caused by consequences of errors and  omissions of employees of the transport operator,
  • liability for damages caused by customs legislation infringement,
  • third party liability for damage caused by the cargo to property of private or law person, individual’s life and / or health;
  • involved subcontracts liability,
  • liability for loading and unloading processes;
  • incidental expenses on investigation into circumstances of the insured accident to prevent or cut losses,

and many others.

We take the cargo safety issue very responsible, so we demand from our drivers the accurate and cautious transportation. The life is unpredictable and any situation can happen so, in order to avoid any possible unpaid losses, the “Unis” company recommends its customers to insure the cargo itself, what assumes rapid refund of the full cargo value to its owner in the insurance accident.