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In order to prevent financial losses the company “Unis” insures the risks arising while servicing the customers. We also carefully control the quality of transport orders by our carriers and check the presence of CMR-insurance policy in the attracted transport companies.

Not any cargo damage is compensated by the carrier. This is because of fact that the carrier’s responsibility is limited according to international and national law, including the CMR Convention. According to CMR Convention, the carrier is not responsible for damage caused by loading, placement (stowage), moving or unloading cargo (article 17.4.); circumstances, which the carrier could not avoid and the consequences it could not prevent (article 17.2.), for example, robbery (when the driver was grossly negligent), etc. The CMR Convention also limits the maximum responsibility of the carrier in the amount of 8.33 SDR (about 12 EURO) per 1 kg of gross weight of lost or damaged cargo. In these cases the responsibility lies with cargo owner.

In order to avoid any possible unpaid losses, the “Unis” company recommends its customers to insure the cargo itself, what assumes rapid refund of the full value of the cargo to its owner in the insurance accident.